Our Fleet

Airspan Helicopters is an Approved Maintenance Organization governed by Transport Canada. The main base in Sechelt houses a fully equipped maintenance facility where experienced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers support our fleet under  effective Maintenance and Quality Assurance programs.

Satellite tracking systems and phones are standard equipment on all Airspan helicopters.  These tracking systems provide Airspan staff with real-time knowledge, enhancing peace of mind and improving safety.  Airspan’s staff can view the current location as well as track the location history of every helicopter in the fleet.  Satellite phones add to the system providing efficient and high quality voice communications.


BELL 206 B
Passenger Capacity                    4
Lift Capacity                                 1000 lbs
Range                                           2.3 hours
Range w. extender                       3.0 hours
Fuel Consumption                       110 lts/hr

MD 900
Passenger Capacity                    7
Lift Capacity                                 2500 lbs
Range                                           3.0 hours
Fuel Consumption                       250 lts/hr

AS 350B2
Passenger Capacity                    5
Lift Capacity                                 2200 lbs
Range                                           2.7 hours
Fuel Consumption                       190 lts/hr

AS 350B3
Passenger Capacity                    5
Lift Capacity                                 2700 lbs
Range                                           2.5 hours
Fuel Consumption                       210 lts/hr

Passenger Capacity                    14
Lift Capacity                                 4000 lbs
Range                                           2.0 hours
Range w. extender                       3.0 hours
Fuel Consumption                       395 lts/hr

All aircraft can come equipped with:

* Barrel Slings * Full Complement of Spares * Remote Electric & Carousel Hooks
* Cargo Nets * GPS * Drip Torch
* Grapple * Bambi Bucket * Lanyard
* Seeding * Longline to 250ft * Sling Gear
* Foam Injection System * Remote Fuelling System * Spill Kits