Our Services

Flight Operations

In addition to being adaptable to new activities, Airspan frequently conducts the following flight operations:

Precision Longline and Rigging

Hot tub placement

Construction material delivery

Snowmobile/equipment recovery

Log Grappling

Small logging operations (line clearing)

Concrete delivery

Wildfire Firefighting


Crew moves

Initial attack

Expanded attack

Hover exit

Admin aircraft

Powerline Construction and Maintenance

Insulator installation and changes

Structure construction and repair


Structure access

Line patrol

Vegatation removal (grappling)

Class D Operations (Human External Cargo)


Fixed line

Hoist and winch


Tours and VIP charters

Crew moves and remote area access

Wildlife survey and capture

Heli-skiing and avalance control


Landing in provincial parks is prohibited without specific authorization.

The long-lining of loads over built up areas (houses/roads) may be prohibited or require special permitting.


Fuel Services

Airspan maintains a fuel system per CSA B836 and provides sales to other aircraft operators at our main base as well as via our tanker trucks.

For larger jobs without nearby refuelling options, Airspan may be able to provide savings to the customer through the use of drum fuel (prepositioned or brought with the aircraft), or by way of our 3,000L or 15,000L tanker trucks.

EnviroTanker (Large Fuel Truck)

Our 15,000L EnviroTanker can provide hassle free and evironmentally conscious onsite fuelling capabilities. Featuring a double walled compartment, this vehicle eliminates the requirement for costly and time-consuming secondary containment (berming or bunding) of the
fuelling area, dealing with leaks, or defueling to move tanks.

F550 (Small Fuel Truck)

Our 3,000L fuel system, mounted on F550 chassis allows us to provide highly mobile support for our aircraft just about anywhere there’s a road and a suitable landing site. the 3,000L capacity allows us to support a full day’s flying with our 212 and more with the smaller aircraft.

Ancillary Services

Along the flight and fuel services Airspan is also able to provide specialized operations equipment and/or ground support personnel for certain activities.

Airspan maintains a wide range of operations equipment including:


with remote electrical and carousel hooks

with hand operated keeperless hooks


Endless slings (general rigging)

Web slings


Bridles (2,3, and 4 point)

Barrel slings

Cargo nets

Specialty Items

Water buckets (with foam injectors and powerfill)


Bike racks

Ski/Equipment baskets

Concrete buckets

Helicopter hoist/winch